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Avis rental car garage
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What to Do if You Can’t Find a Rental Car During the Shortage

The recent rental car shortage hasn't been a problem for many people as traveling restrictions have been more strict, but, as interest in traveling begin to increase once again, many customers may be looking for alternative solutions to getting a rental car at the airport or travel center as many of us have done in the past.
A white 2021 Hyundai Nexo compact crossover SUV traveling on a city street lined with palm trees
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Cheapest Ways to Snag a Rental Car

New cars are scarce and rental car agencies are having a hard time finding any. So rates are high and only going up. Here are some cheap and alternative ways to get around the high cost of renting a car these days.
A black 2009 Triumph Bonneville with saddlebags parked by a beach-side stone wall

A Rented 2009 Triumph Bonneville Is All Zen, No Maintenance

It’s hard to overstate the Bonneville’s iconic status and importance to Triumph and its fanbase. Although it’s not the only classic-style bike on sale today, it’s arguably one of the most recognizable. And with an updated version about to hit dealers, I wanted to see what an earlier model was like to ride. So, I …
The side 3/4 view of a black 2009 Triumph Bonneville with saddlebags rented on Twisted Road in a parking lot

What’s It Like Renting a Motorcycle Through Twisted Road?

After talking with the CEO of Riders Share, I naturally got curious about its kind of motorcycle rentals. Especially since, while I enjoy riding my Triumph Street Triple R, I like to window-shop for bikes. And since one of the best ways to truly test-drive/test-ride a vehicle is to rent it, that’s what I decided …
Zipcar rental cars include this white-and-green van parked in a Yonge Street parking lot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Is Zipcar Cheaper Than Renting a Car?

The car rental industry continues to shift during the pandemic. And one of the more recent solutions to consumers’ rental needs is Zipcar. This car-sharing subscription service existed long before COVID-19. But with a surging need for on-demand rental options, Zipcar is growing. In fact, it might even be in a city near you. However, is renting through Zipcar …
Hemphill Brothers Coach Company's luxury Star Bus RV at night

In These Cool RV Rentals, You Can Party Like a Rock Star

We often cover the best RVs to buy and offer tips for living your best camper life. But RV ownership isn’t for everyone. They can be expensive to purchase and maintain and complicated to operate, especially for first-timers. However, you don’t have to own a motorhome to enjoy one. In fact, RV rentals abound. And if you’re …
A Class C RV is parked in a car park as members of the public are asked to stop traveling to the Scottish Highlands

Don’t Expect People to Stop Renting RVs in 2021

The RV rental business is experiencing dramatic fluctuations. Due to a surge in the popularity of the camper business, both sales and rentals of the Recreation Vehicle (RV) saw unprecedented success in 2020. In fact, this vacation trend isn’t likely to lose much momentum any time soon. Don’t expect people to stop renting RVs in …