Mariel Swan with NASCAR driver Austin Dillon
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Who Is Mariel Swan from Racing Wives?

CMT just created a new reality series and even though the new show is only on its first season, we can tell that it is going to be packed full of just as much drama and entertainment as all of the other reality shows on the air right now. One thing that makes this show …

Samantha Busch from CMT's Racing Wives
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Who Is Samantha Busch from Racing Wives?

For race car fans, you can never get enough behind-the-scenes action. And with Racing Wives on CMT, you can learn more about the families of your favorite drivers. The show focuses on the wives of five women: three married to drivers, one married to a crewmember, and one who is a driver herself. The show’s …

Whitney Dillon from CMT's Racing Wives
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Who Is Whitney Dillon from Racing Wives?

Reality TV has gotten into every niche area possible, including race car driving. Racing Wives on CMT follows the lives of five women in the racing world: Samantha and Ashley Busch, wives of NASCAR brothers Kyle and Kurt Busch, Whitney Dillon, wife of NASCAR driver Austin Dillon, Mariel Swan, wife of crewmember Paul Swan, and …

The cast of CMT's Racing Wives
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What Channel Is Racing Wives On?

For lovers of NASCAR and drama, Racing Wives was made for you. The show follows the lives of Samantha Busch and Ashley Busch, wives of NASCAR drivers Kyle and Kurt Busch; Amber Balcaen, aspiring driver; Whitney Dillon, wife of driver Austin Dillon; and Mariel Swan, wife of crewmember Paul Swan. Giving an inside look at …

Amber Balcaen
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Who Is Amber Balcaen from Racing Wives?

CMT’s new show Racing Wives is slowly taking the airwaves by storms, and it’s drawing new viewers into NASCAR. Before now, little has been known about the public lives of the famous stock car drivers, but Racing Wives is changing that. The show casts race car driver Amber Balcaen, Ashley Busch, Samantha Busch, Whitney Dillon, …

Ashley Busch
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Who Is Ashley Busch from Racing Wives?

Racing Wives is the latest show on the radar for stock car racing fans. However, while it looks like there’s some footage of the track in the trailer, the show is less focused on the actual racing. It follows the lives of the spouses of five professional racecar drivers, including Ashley Busch, through their daily …

Samantha Busch with her husband Kyle and son Brexton
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Who Are the Racing Wives Cast Members?

There are many television shows and movies that focus on the world of racecar driving. However, they often lean towards showcasing the cars and the high intensity of the races. Racing Wives delves into the daily lives of the racecar drivers and their families. The spouses of a few professional racers take the main spotlight, …