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A red 1991 Toyota Previa minivan parked on a rural road with hills in the background

Toyota Previa: A History of the Eggcellent ’90s Minivan

When shopping for minivans, most families look for reliability, affordability, space, and safety features. Typically, they don’t look for a supercharged engine, manual transmission, or spaceship-like interior. But for those who sought those features two decades ago, Toyota made an odd minivan in the 1990s that checked all of those boxes. Exploring the Toyota Previa …
1991 Toyota Previa

The Toyota Previa Minivan is Now a Desirable Classic

Usually, the word ‘classic’ conjures up images of old Bugattis, British Minis, or first-gen Broncos. Rarely is a minivan called ‘classic’. But going just by pure age, there are quite a few vans and minivans that are old enough to be classics. And long before Mercedes gave a minivan 500+ hp, there was another unconventional …