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Rusty Monday: Oddities In Rust

This week’s Rusty Monday brings not so much rusty as ridiculous vehicles for your perusal. These oddities will hopefully never again haunt the highways and byways of the US. They are all a testament to people having too much time on their hands. Rust in peace, oh ye brave but butchered beasts.  Barris Eldorette Corvette …
A red 1973 Pontiac Firebird
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Most Searched Dead Brand Is Pontiac: Will GM Bring It Back?

Will GM bring back Pontiac? No, it won’t. Winding out of Pontiac franchises cost GM billions of dollars. It was a desperate move to help save the corporation from its bankruptcy woes. But now that it is gone GM wouldn’t suddenly bring it back. But that is not what this is about. It’s about the …
A silver 2009 Pontiac Solstice Coupe is unveiled on March 19, 2008, at the New York International Auto Show.

This Pontiac Could Be GM’s Next Corvette or Camaro

Remember Pontiac? A General Motors brand, the Pontiac badge graced legends such as the Trans Am and GTO. It was once one of the best-selling car brands in the United States. But it couldn’t stay afloat with declining sales, market changes, the 2008 financial crisis, and the brutal restructuring at GM at the time. The …
Jay Leno driving a black 1979 Pontiac Trans Am

For Jay Leno, This Pontiac Trans Am Is a Real Taste of 1979

Given that you can now get a 797-hp sedan, today is arguably a second heyday for muscle cars. And thanks to modern engineering, the four-cylinder models can blitz past their classic predecessors. But not every model survived the march of time. One of the most prominent examples is the Bandit’s and the Hoff’s chariot of …

The 2005 Pontiac GTO Serves Up a Dose of Affordable Old-School Muscle

Are you longing for the days when V8 engines reigned supreme in the power department? Are you annoyed that turbocharged four-cylinder engines are now the norm? Then you should look into a 2005 Pontiac GTO. It might be an older, used car, but it will bring back the nostalgia of old-school muscle mixed with new(ish) …
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Rusty Monday: Old Desert Dogs

Many people when they think of rusty old cars think of those old desert dogs that you used to see traveling to Las Vegas or jumping dunes on your ATV. A lot of those old hulks have been dragged off to help clean up the desert environment. But, there still are those examples of bullet …
2006 Pontiac Solstice on stage for its Debut

Is the Pontiac Solstice a Good Car?

The Pontiac Solstice is one of the most underrated sports cars on the used car market. They are fun to drive, sporty, and surprisingly rare. In fact, they are all around great cars, and maybe not for all of the reasons you would expect. But, is a Pontiac Solstice actually worth buying? The Pontiac Solstice …
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Snoop Dogg, a Chrysler Cordoba, and a Gas Chamber Green 1957 Chevy

So what do Snoop Dogg, a Chrysler Cordoba, and a Gas Chamber Green ’57 Chevy have in common? It was recently Snoop Dogg’s birthday, or “C-Day,” and so he gifted himself a lowrider Dodge Cordoba with T-tops, and a custom 1957 Chevy. Then the rapper went about personalizing them further to his liking.  The day …
An overhead picture of the last Pontiac Fiero ever built.
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The Very Last Pontiac Fiero Ever Made Is At Auction

The Pontiac Fiero was a wedge-shaped, mid-engine, economy, sporty car. It was introduced in the early 1980s to much fanfare. Then the cars started catching fire. Pontiac addressed the fire concerns, but the public had a long memory of the episodes. So, Pontiac kept improving the car to overcome the old bad press and make the Fiero more …
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Worst Car Wednesday: Chevy Citation-This Success Became A Mess

What started out as the American car revenge on Japanese economical, front-wheel-drive, four-cylinder sedans quickly turned into a mess. GM, Ford, and Chrysler had never attempted to do this type of car. A car with maximum space, small size, and a high degree of quality. We guess it could only do two as the quality …
A small, white, hatchback profile-view of the Yugo.
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Yugo or Pontiac Aztek, It’s All a Matter of Preference

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Just because somebody finds something that catches their eye does not mean that the next person will find the same object as transfixing. Macaroni and Cheese is not loved by everybody. The same can be said for the Yugo and the Pontiac Aztek. The two vehicles were …
2006 Toyota Camry on a shady street is a great example of a good used car under $5,000
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Best Used Cars Under $5,000 According to Kelley Blue Book

A daily driver doesn’t have to break the bank. Though buying a brand new car is exciting, it’s not always the most practical choice. If you want good car that can get from A to B safely and reliably but that isn’t too expensive, you might find yourself looking at used car options. For under …
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Rusty Monday: Buried Past the Axles

What is even more amazing than the oxidation of metal is the swallowing by Mother Nature. It’s both oxidation and consummation. You know, when you see some wasted hulk buried past the axles. That’s Rusty Monday! They’re so far gone you marvel at the idea that this car has been sitting here so long the …
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10 All-Time Most Hated American Cars

All of these lists are subjective, but we’re sure you’ll agree with most of these “Most Hated” selections. If there is a common thread among these selections it is that most are from the era when “downsizing” was thought to be the answer. But the Detroit 3’s idea of downsizing meant cheap, crappy, and ugly. …
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Forgotten GM Cars You Should Buy

When it comes to buying cars on the used car market we typically think of small sedans like the Nissan Sentra or even maybe classic cars like an older Cadillac. Either way, we are typically looking for a specific car, or a handful of cars as options and aren’t thinking about straying from those ideas. …
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The Aztek Is The Worst Pontiac You Should Never Buy

Since the end of production, Pontiac cars have become less and less common on the roads, and many drivers are grateful for that. In their time, Pontiac did develop and mass-produce many fun and well-loved cars, like the Firebird. It might be easy to hate on their most dangerous car, the Fiero, but at least …
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Massive Hoard Of Pontiac Fiero Cars And Parts For FREE: Come And Get ‘Em

Remember that enormous flood in central Michigan last week? The flood ripped through several towns laying waste to everything in its path. In the middle of this mess was a shop and museum called Fieros Forever. Owner Tim Evans lost almost everything in the floods. What was able to be recovered is now available. For …
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Brand New Pontiac Solstice Coupe For Sale: Have You Ever Seen One?

As soon as the Pontiac brand was killed you knew the Solstice coupe would someday be highly collectible. That’s because Pontiac had just started producing them. When Pontiac’s run was over only 1,200 Solstice coupes had been made. Have you ever seen one in the wild? It seems like few of them became transportation. Instead, …