A silver 2003 Chrysler Crossfire coupe parked by a scenic outlook.

Was the Chrysler Crossfire Really That Bad?

If there was an Automotive Hall of Shame museum somewhere, you could easily imagine such flops as the Ford Edsel, Pontiac Aztek, and the Yugo occupying some exhibit space. These ill-fated vehicles were disastrous in terms of engineering, quality, and sales, so the contempt that car communities hold for them is definitely deserved. But would …

A close-up of the dual exhaust pipes on a performance car.

5 Performance Cars That Sound Surprisingly Awful

We all expect high-performance cars to entrance us with its sweet siren song. Whether it’s the manic F1-like wail of an Italian V12 revving to oblivion or the guttural growl of a domestic V8 ripping through the gears, there’s no sweeter sound to car enthusiasts’ ears. But what about those rare automotive outliers that sport …

A woman sits inside a Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible.

5 Most Affordable Sports Cars: The Answer Isn’t Always Miata

Among the car enthusiast community, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is almost always the answer to any automotive question posed by newcomers and veterans alike: Which affordable rear-wheel drive convertible should I buy? What’s a cheap drift car that’s not a 240sx? I need a reliable, economical, fun-to-drive daily. Thoughts? It’s easy to see why gearheads …