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A blue 2006 Volvo V70R
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The Volvo V70R Is a Subtle Swedish Sleeper

Electric-blue Polestar wagons aside, Volvo’s performance cars tend to be rather low-key. That includes models like the C30 hot hatch and 850R wagon. But then, that’s the joy of having a sleeper car: extra speed without unnecessary attention. And it’s a concept the Volvo V70R embodies extremely well. Volvo V70R: specs and features While the …
A red Ferrari California T sits on display at a car show
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The World’s Fastest Production Cars Right Now Are…

I covered before how the curved lines of a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray split-window coupe got a hold of me. That gripping moment is what started my interest in the automotive industry. After that, I started learning about performance cars, horsepower figures, cornering abilities of sportscars versus sedans, and the importance of aerodynamics in …
Maatouks Racing's white 2100-hp R32 Nissan Skyline GT-R drag race car pulling a wheelie on the drag strip
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What’s the Fastest 0-60 Time Possible in a Road Car?

From turbos to lightweight components, there are plenty of modifications enthusiasts install in the pursuit of speed. And no matter what you drive, one number that constantly comes up is the 0-60 time. Over the years, that number has consistently tumbled, especially once electric cars came into the mix. But is there a limit to …
A black 1994 Toyota Supra that features the sporty design and agressive rear spoiler drivers fell in love with.
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Roadside Billboard Depicts Near 30-Year-Old Toyota Supra

Roadside billboards are a big deal. It is a marketing person’s dream to put their company’s advertisement up on a billboard above a high-traffic highway corridor. It is, therefore, unusual to see a billboard in such a place that has a stale message. However, one billboard in San Fransisco, off of US 101, has a Toyota Supra advertisement on …
A photo taken of the front of the Bentley Flying Spur
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Bentley Top Speed Run Over 200 Miles Per Hour

Bentley is a British automaker. In keeping with its long lineage of distinguished automobiles, it continues to create vehicles for people with refined tastes, and large wallets. They make a full line of cars from a two-door coupe to an SUV, all of them stuffed with plush amenities and incredible performance. One such esteemed vehicle in …
A close-up of the dual exhaust pipes on a performance car.

5 Performance Cars That Sound Surprisingly Awful

We all expect high-performance cars to entrance us with its sweet siren song. Whether it’s the manic F1-like wail of an Italian V12 revving to oblivion or the guttural growl of a domestic V8 ripping through the gears, there’s no sweeter sound to car enthusiasts’ ears. But what about those rare automotive outliers that sport …
Bentley vs Honda at the drag strip
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Why 0-60 Times Don’t Matter in the Real World

Whether you’re talking cars or motorcycles, the most-common performance metric is the 0-60 time. It’s what helped sell a lot of people on electric cars. And it’s not like there are too many places you can legally go 250+ mph. But, in many ways, the 0-60 time isn’t actually the best yardstick of a car’s …
A woman sits inside a Mazda MX-5 Miata convertible.

5 Most Affordable Sports Cars: The Answer Isn’t Always Miata

Among the car enthusiast community, the Mazda MX-5 Miata is almost always the answer to any automotive question posed by newcomers and veterans alike: Which affordable rear-wheel drive convertible should I buy? What’s a cheap drift car that’s not a 240sx? I need a reliable, economical, fun-to-drive daily. Thoughts? It’s easy to see why gearheads …