Checking the oil level in a vehicle engine using a dipstick
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The Dangers of Putting Too Much Oil in Your Car

Your gas-powered vehicle uses an engine with tons of moving parts. To keep this expensive unit running, you need to change the oil every few thousand miles, whether you do it yourself or have someone else perform the maintenance. If you don’t, you run the risk of ruining the motor. And replacing it isn’t cheap.  …

Samples of motor oil displayed on a table with Russian labels
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What Do Oil Grades Really Mean for Your Engine?

Whether you own a car or a motorcycle, one of the most important maintenance items is changing your oil. Compared to replacing a clutch or a timing belt, changing your engine oil is relatively straight-forward. However, not only does modern motor oil come in many different varieties, there are a lot of oil grades available. …

Running a Honda Civic, Ford Focus, and Peugeot 206 without engine oil or coolant
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How Long Can Your Car Run Without Oil or Coolant?

It’s not entirely incorrect to say cars run on carefully-timed explosions. That’s why regular maintenance is so important. But your car’s engine doesn’t just rely on mechanical parts. Without vital fluids like engine oil and coolant, the motor wouldn’t run properly, if it ran at all. And as Carwow recently demonstrated, improper oil and coolant …