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NHRA’s Biggest Sponsor Coca-Cola Bails: So NHRA Is Suing Them

The National Hot Rod Association is the largest professional drag racing sanctioning body. It has relied on Coca-Cola as its biggest race sponsor since 2002. But it’s 2020 so anything can happen and will. In a stunning turn of events, Coca-Cola has dropped NHRA drag racing sponsorship. So, NHRA is now suing them. NHRA’s sponsorship …
NASCAR starting line

Fans Barred From NASCAR, IndyCar Races From Coronavirus

Today we are seeing the complete elimination or postponement of sporting events in the US. For auto racing enthusiasts that also includes NASCAR, IndyCar, IMSA, and NHRA races. Sunday’s season-opening IndyCar season in St. Petersburg, Florida, will be without spectators. For NASCAR’s race in Atlanta, Georgia, this weekend it would be immediately followed next week …
Race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. in his car.

Motorsport Is Making Coronavirus Adjustments

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization on their website declared, “COVID-19 can be characterized as a pandemic.” This means that there is a major concern for the health and wellbeing of humans globally. Indeed, the Coronavirus, as it is commonly known, is no respecter of national borders, political parties, religious faith, or even gender. So, …