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Tesla Inc. infotainment system

Extra Features You Need From Your Car’s GPS

When it comes to using our car’s GPS, they aren’t always intuitive. As technology becomes more available and more affordable, we expect more from our vehicles, and that includes one of our infotainment system’s most essential features: navigation. Our car’s navigation can be useful for more than just long road trips, and with these features, …
Apple CarPlay | Toyota

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay Keeps GPS Alive in Cars

Android Auto and Apple CarPlay have become more and more common in cars, and while they have a lot to offer, there is one way that they enhance our driving experience: navigation. For years we have been disappointed with the navigation systems that came with our cars, and even if the systems were helpful, they …
A woman in her car

Best Free Phone Apps for Navigating the Road

There is just something about using our phone to navigate that is just easier than using our on-board navigation. There seems to be an endless amount of app choices, and combine that with the applications that come pre-downloaded on our phone it’s hard to decide which navigation apps are worth downloading, and which navigation apps …
Gunmetal gray Beeline Moto mounted on Triumph Bonneville T120's handlebars

Beeline Gives Any Bike Cheap GPS Navigation

While built-in navigation is quickly becoming common in cars, very few motorcycles offer it. Those that do are typically expensive long-distance touring bikes, which are designed to tackle extended rides. But even if you only stick to known roads, having a helpful guide home isn’t a bad idea. Plus, Rebelle Rally and similar situations aside, …