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Red crabs walking on a road on Christmas Island, Australia

Millions of Red Crabs Cause Traffic Jams on Christmas Island

In one of the largest animal migrations in the world, millions of red crabs journey from the jungle to the beach on Christmas Island in Western Australia -- all so they can make baby crabs. The red crabs travel across roads and bridges, causing traffic jams on the island.
Brown marmorated stink bug on a tomato

Stink Bugs Could Be to Blame for Delaying Your Car Delivery

The brown marmorated stink bug is a notorious pest, for the highly invasive species decimates crops around the world. Now, stink bugs, which emit a foul smell when disturbed or crushed, create an unexpected problem. They could be to blame for delaying your car delivery.
Majestic view of the Big Sur coastline

5 Scenic Drives to Help You Forget About the Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic dragging on, are you sad and depressed? Despite the confining nature of the coronavirus pandemic, you can still enjoy the freedom and openness of the great outdoors. Check out these five scenic drives to help you forget about the pandemic.
Close-up view of fox

Foxes Vandalize Town by Chewing Brake Lines and Defecating

In the wake of a bear going into a Lexus RX and a squirrel packing a stash of walnuts in a Chevy Avalanche, there’s more weird news from the world of animals and cars. Many foxes are wreaking havoc on a town in England by chewing brake lines and prolifically defecating.
Close up view of black bear

Bear in a Lexus: A Woman Finds an Unwelcome Surprise

We, humans, like to think of ourselves as the dominant species of the food chain, but sometimes a wildlife encounter gives us a stark reality check. This was the case when a woman opened the door of her Lexus RX and found an unwelcome surprise: a black bear.