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This ‘Eleanor’ Build Was Gone In 60 Seconds

If you’ve ever seen the classic car enthusiast movie Gone In 60 Seconds, the name Eleanor probably means something to you. In the movie, Eleanor is the star of the show, so much that it is like a character all in itself. Eleanor isn’t an actress however, it’s actually a car, a Ford Mustang. This …
A Batmobile replica enters a stadium
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All the Batmobiles Over 80 Years

The first comic featuring Batman was issue #27 of Detective Comics from March of 1939. Ever since then, Batman can be seen getting from place to place in either a helicopter, jetski, motorcycles, by ropes dangling down the side of the building to his utility belt, or by my favorite, using the Batmobile. As far as …
A scene from the movie Redline.
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9 Best Bad Car Movies You Must Watch Now

America’s obsession with the automobile runs deep, from the wildly-successful NASCAR racing series to car-centric artwork, songs, and perhaps most of all, cinema. Car fanatics have an overwhelming amount of options when it comes to excellent car flicks. Grand Prix (1966), Thunder Road (1971), and Rush (2013) are just a few must-see cinematic tributes to …
1970 Dodge Charger R/T from Fast and Furious Live
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What Happens to Movie Cars After the Wrap Party

Many beloved movie and television cars have imprinted on people’s minds with enduring visions of shiny metal vehicles that were in chase scenes or jumping through the air over obstacles or ending up in spectacular crashes that movie heroes walk away from. For example, mention Herbie and fans will immediately recall an old white Volkswagen …