An image of a Lamborghini-powered Formula 1 car out on a track.
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Does Lamborghini Have a Formula 1 Team?

While Lamborghini has created some of the world’s most influential cars ever, the Italian carmaker hasn’t dominated the world of Formula 1. As Drive to Survive on Netflix brings even more new viewers to the sport, many car enthusiasts have begun to notice Lamborghini’s absence on the grid. While the Italian carmaker might not be …

NASCAR starting line
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What’s Happening to NASCAR?

Decades ago, NASCAR was the “it” thing. It celebrated the award of its first big television contract in 1999 with Fox/FX and NBC/TBS, fans were flocking to the sport, and seating couldn’t be built fast enough at the tracks. So, what happened? Look at NASCAR now, and you see a company that has gone from boom to mild …