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Vintage Porsche On Track

Want To Race Your Car? Here’s How To Get It Track Day Ready

So you’ve got the need for speed? It happens to everyone, you’re on the highway and want to pretend you’re in some motorsporting event. And it doesn’t matter what you drive either, the temptation to floor it happens in the most tricked-out race cars and the cheapest of beaters. So if you just can’t fight …
An image of a Lamborghini-powered Formula 1 car out on a track.

Does Lamborghini Have a Formula 1 Team?

While Lamborghini has created some of the world’s most influential cars ever, the Italian carmaker hasn’t dominated the world of Formula 1. As Drive to Survive on Netflix brings even more new viewers to the sport, many car enthusiasts have begun to notice Lamborghini’s absence on the grid. While the Italian carmaker might not be …
An image of a recent F1 crash in Bahrain involving HAAS driver Romaine Grosjean.

How Did Romain Grosjean Survive His Horrific Formula 1 Crash

Over the weekend, millions of Formula 1 fans worldwide tuned in to watch the Bahrain Grand Prix. What seemed like an ordinary race quickly turned a horrific turn as one of the drivers crashed into one of the barriers. The car in question is the HAAS #8 driven by french F1 driver Romain Grosjean. Upon …
Chase Elliott celebrates a NASCAR race win.

Why Is There No NASCAR Race This Sunday? – Season Recap

I’ll keep this short and sweet. There is no NASCAR race this Sunday. The NASCAR season is over. It ended last week. But, the Championship Postseason Awards Show is coming on November 18th. So, let’s discuss a quick recap of what has to be the most bizarre racing season in decades that has led us …
NASCAR starting line

What’s Happening to NASCAR?

Decades ago, NASCAR was the “it” thing. It celebrated the award of its first big television contract in 1999 with Fox/FX and NBC/TBS, fans were flocking to the sport, and seating couldn’t be built fast enough at the tracks. So, what happened? Look at NASCAR now, and you see a company that has gone from boom to mild …