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A black-and-white 2021 Morgan 3-Wheeler Belly Tank drives through a fall forest
Tips, Tricks & Trends

Morgan’s Sending the V-Twin 3-Wheeler off in Style

On the outside, Morgan’s cars may look like classics. But as models like the Aero 8 demonstrate, they’re really a blend of old-school craftsmanship with modern material standards. However, even this British institution eventually has to wave good-bye to some of its models. Such is the case with the Morgan 3-Wheeler, a V-twin-powered vehicle that …
A view from behind a red Nobe GT100 electric autocycle shows the removed panoramic roof.

New Tech, Classic Style, 3 Wheels – The Nobe Electric Car

I have discussed before that autocycles have had a hard time gaining traction in the United States. Before they can become a huge success, they first have to prove to the consumer that a vehicle with three wheels is okay. Once that is achieved, then autocycles will move from niche markets and into the broader mass …
2020 Morgan Plus 4

The Morgan Plus 4 Is a Brand-New Classic Car

Today, it’s possible to restore classic cars to better-than-new condition and performance. There are companies that restomod Ford Broncos, Range Rovers, Chevy trucks, Mini Coopers, and so on. Some even convert these classic rides into EVs. British automaker Morgan, though, doesn’t really do restomods. That’s because their products are already essentially brand-new classic cars. Or, …
Hybrids & Electrics

Morgan Just Killed Its EV3-Vanderhall Has An Alternative

Morgan just killed its electric 3-wheeler before it even began production. Always a question mark as to what the business case was for such a thing it’s still worth one final look. And, if you’re into this kind of vehicle there is an alternative we can show you in a bit. There has been no …
2018 Morgan 3-Wheeler 110 Edition
Tips, Tricks & Trends

The Morgan 3-Wheeler Defies Easy Description

Today, well-heeled customers can buy a recreated 1930s Bugatti from Pur Sang or a D-type continuation from Jaguar. But British automaker Morgan has been doing retro since before it was cool. And amongst its handmade lineup, perhaps no vehicle better represents the brand than the Morgan 3-Wheeler. The Morgan 3-Wheeler is part car, part motorcycle …
2020 Morgan Plus 4

2 New British Sports Cars You Can Get Because of Loopholes

Sometimes, automakers use legal loopholes to skirt emissions and crash-test standards. Other times, it’s those very standards that keep some very sweet wheels out of our hands. This means, usually if you want a non-US-spec vehicle like a Nissan Patrol, Toyota Century, or Toyota Celica GT4, you have to wait 25 years. However, there are …