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A silver Cadillac LYRIQ parked outside in a parking lot

2023 Cadillac Lyriq vs. Tesla Model Y

The 2023 Cadillac Lyriq surges into the electric SUV market in the first half of 2022. Electric vehicles are the future, and Cadillac joining the EV world certainly garners attention. The real question is, can it stand up to the competition?
Red Tesla Model Y driving on a curvy road

Warning: Tesla Model Y May Be Unsafe Due to Defective Suspension

Tesla gets a massive amount of media coverage. Sometimes, it’s positive, such as starting the EV wave. Other times, the coverage is negative, such as safety and reliability issues. Unfortunately, the latest news is negative. According to a product expert for electric vehicles, the Tesla Model Y may be unsafe due to a defective suspension.
A Tesla Model Y parked outside a Tesla Gigafactory in the Berlin-Brandenburg area

What Is It Like to Own a Tesla Model Y?

The popularity of electric vehicles has steadily increased over the years. With many models available, drivers new to EVs may be wondering just what it's like to own an EV. One popular EV is the Model Y. Here's the breakdown of what to expect when you own a Model Y.
Elon Musk visiting a Tesla Factory in China with Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong

Tesla Files to Make 5 Different Versions of the Model Y to Boost Sales in China

As many industry experts predicted, the Silicon Valley-based EV manufacturer's market share has started experiencing a slight decrease. Additionally, the Financial Times has reported that electric vehicle sales have surged in China as demand for Teslas tumbles. However, this is something Elon Musk plans on remedying with five different versions of the Model Y.