A white Toyota Mega Cruiser in a desert environment.
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The Toyota Mega Cruiser was introduced at the 40th Tokyo Motor Show in 1993. Production began in 1995, with the first sales occurring in 1996. It is the largest 4WD ever built by Toyota. The vehicle was designed as a 4-dor full-size SUV with a turbo diesel. It highly resembled the Hummer H1 when it came to designing. The vehicle was originally designed for military use. They could be seen as transport vehicles used by police and even the fire department. Only 133 of these models were sold to civilians. Some of the vehicles were sold outside of Japan overseas.

This massive vehicle is great on and off the road with its four-wheel-drive capabilities. Different variants were modified for various purposes. All of which were modified for military use. These vehicles are made for avid collectors of these military vehicles or off-roaded vehicles as far as civilian purchases. So few were made that it is highly collectible.

About Toyota

  • 2020 Toyota Mega Cruiser (Starting MSRP: $100,900)
  • Pro: It is a highly luxurious vehicle with off-road capability.
  • Con: To get the 2020 version, you would have to import it from Japan.
  • See Also: GMC Hummer

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