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A yellow E36 BMW M3 Coupe drives around a mountain lake

BMW E36 M3 Buyer’s Guide: Not Underappreciated Anymore

Long overlooked in comparison to its predecessor and successor, the 1995-1999 E36 BMW M3 is finally getting its due from enthusiasts. While that means prices have gone up, it means more people are starting to appreciate its charms and handling prowess. But there are some problem spots to watch out for.
A blue 2022 BMW M4 Competition xDrive goes around a corner on a public road

2022 BMW M4 Competition xDrive: Is More Grip Worth Less Soul?

For 2022, BMW gives the M4 Competition optional xDrive all-wheel drive. But while the AWD system makes the coupe even faster and more capable, it also removes some of the joy of involvement. However, the extra capability and approachability are arguably worth it for some. And there's still a RWD mode.
A blue E46 BMW M3 Competition going around a racetrack

Bring a Trailer Bargain of the Week: 2006 E46 BMW M3 Competition

Used BMW M3s can still keep up in many ways with their newer counterparts--and sometimes offer more driving enjoyment. But even among some venerable models, the E46 BMW M3 stands as a high-water mark, particularly with the ZCP Competition Package. And now, there's an affordably-priced, Dinan-modified one on Bring a Trailer.
Front view of a green 2021 BMW M3 sports sedan traveling on a racetrack's straightaway

1 Small Change Improves the 2021 BMW M3’s Popular Design Flaw

BMW fans are well aware of the giant, polarizing grille design on the 4 Series. Though many observers dislike the style, you’ll find it on the 2021 BMW M3 too. But fortunately, a small change makes the M3 slightly more appealing. Let’s take a look at how the new M3 differs from the 4 Series. …
The front view of a red 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing on a racetrack

The 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing Is a BMW M3 on a Budget

Despite its appellation, the CT4-V hasn’t quite been living up to its predecessor, the Cadillac ATS-V. While it has an excellent engine, it’s a bit too heavy and less spacious than some of its rivals. Chief among them is the BMW M3, recently updated for 2021. But now, Cadillac has unveiled the 2022 CT4-V Blackwing. …
A dark-blue E30 BMW 320is on the road

The BMW 320is Was the Italian ‘Tax Special’ E30 M3

Even today, the E30 M3 holds a special place in BMW fans’ hearts and the hearts of car fans in general. But, as is the case today, not everyone could afford it, and it wasn’t always the best choice for commuting. However, as with the 330i ZHP, there was a way to get some of …
A BMW M3 car is on display during 2020 Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

Build Your Own BMW M3 or M4 in These Wild Color Combos

When creating your dream high-performance sedan or coupe, you may have very specific colors in mind for the interior and exterior. If the 2021 BMW M3 or the 2021 BMW M4 is the car for you, then you’re in luck. The BMW website will let you do just that and pick out your own wild …

Is the E92 BMW M3 a Beastly Bargain or a Massive Money Pit?

Depreciation has a funny way of making unobtainable luxury cars that much more attractive as time goes on. It’s like when you break up with a significant other and the next time you see them, they look better than ever. Take the E92 BMW M3, for example, back in 2010, it retailed for around $60,000, …
A green 1995 BMW E36 M3 GT drives around a wet racetrack

The BMW M3 GT Is the Coolest E36 M3 the US Never Got

The E30 M3’s status as a revered classic BMW isn’t just due to performance. It led to a long line of sports sedans, with the 2021 BMW M3 being the latest heir. However, the E30’s immediate successor, the E36 M3, doesn’t have quite the same reputation, especially in the US. That’s because, in addition to …