A silver 2021 BMW M3 on a flat concrete pad.
2021 BMW M3 | BMW of North America LLC.

The BMW M3 is known for its dynamic driving ability and extreme performance. It is a high-end sports car for those that enjoy power and style. As a variation of the 3 Series, it is a different kind of car with more power and elegance than what the 3 Series offers. The model has track-like performance with various safety features to protect everyone that is along for the ride. The manual transmission comes standard in this model to satisfy the sports car enthusiasts and add to the excitement this car will bring to its drivers and passengers.

The model is great as an everyday driver or a car you take to the track to blow off some steam and push the limits of this performance-driven sedan. It is an excellent option for those that enjoy luxury and enthusiastic power. With each improvement of this BMW, it gets more powerful and luxurious. Even the older models excite the most loyal of sports car enthusiasts.

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  • 2022 BMW M3 (Starting MSRP $69,900)
  • Pro: This model packs a lot of performance into a luxurious frame that is great for any sports car enthusiast.  
  • Con: With the new redesign of the grille the exterior is not liked as much as previous models, particularly for those that are loyal to the brand. 
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