A small black open-top car has a spotlight on it.
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Modern Aquatic Amphibious Vehicles

If someone likes to be out on the water, at one point or another, they have likely thought, wouldn’t it be nice to drive the car into the water like a boat? Of course, the Amphicar was famous for actually having done it. The Amphicar is certainly noteworthy of its accomplishment. However, it is not …

2021 Lotus Evija Hypercar | Lotus

Lotus Has a More Affordable Car Planned

Lotus’s parent company, Geely, has experience in many market segments. So, when news appeared today saying the Lotus is considering an entry model for its portfolio of offerings, the inclination is to think that a sedan or SUV would be added to the stable of coupes Lotus currently has. But, after searching around on the internet for bits and pieces …


Can you Daily Drive a Lotus Elise

When it comes to driving an exotic car, you might think of weekend outings or driving down the coast somewhere. Very rarely do people consider an exotic car when it comes to their daily vehicle of choice. That’s not always the case for drivers who have a need for speed or just like to make …