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Electric 4x4 Offroad
Hybrids & Electrics

4 Reasons Electric 4x4s Will Be Better Off-Road

The electric vehicle will soon revolutionize the commute, the job site, and even the outdoors. The next generation of electric 4x4s will be beasts capable of conquering off-road trails that internal combustion engine owners avoid, with bulletproof drivetrains and technology enabling their drivers to overland indefinitely. Read more here...
Lordstown Motors Endurance truck with Trump at press conference
Hybrids & Electrics

Report: Lordstown Motors is Just About Cooked

Lordstown said in a statement today that its EV pickup truck is on track to begin production in September but that it needs more capital before it can begin production. So will it begin production or won't it?
Trump capitalizing on manufacturing returning to Ohio
Hybrids & Electrics

Now We Know Why GM Virtually Gave Away Its Factory To Lordstown Motors

With questions surrounding the EV startup Lordstown Motors, some of the pieces to its beginnings are starting to surface. This is due to the US Securities and Exchange Commission making public information as it looks into whether claims it has made were misleading investors. The Lordstown factory-in fact the origin of its name comes from …
Lordstown EV Pickup Truck with platform
Hybrids & Electrics

Firm That Exposed Nikola Now Says Lordstown Motors Is A “Mirage”

At this point, we’re wondering where is the FTC with all of this sketchy electric vehicle startup stuff going on? And why is it left to short-sellers to raise red flags over companies like Lordstown Motors? Hindenburg Research short sells companies riding high on the EV startup investment frenzy. If the company’s stock is shorting …