2020 Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody and SRT
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JD Power Says These Car Brands Lead In Excitement and Appeal

Who knew that JD Power had a study for measuring automobile excitement and emotional attachment? Who knew you could actually measure that type of thing? Nonetheless, here we are with its Automotive Performance, Execution, and Layout Study. It has the whole rundown of which car brands lead in excitement and emotional attachment.  This is part …

2020 Lincoln Navigator is on display at the 112th Annual Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place

The Lincoln Navigator Is a Winner Based on Comfort Alone

The 2020 Lincoln Navigator has definitely earned our respect this year. This large SUV has set itself apart from the competition for a variety of reasons. But judging based on comfort alone, the Lincoln Navigator is a clear winner in the luxury SUV class.  The 2020 Navigator is ritzy and roomy A true luxury vehicle …

The front grill of the new 2019 Lincoln Aviator SUV, Lincoln's first plug-in hybrid vehicle, is displayed at the New York International Auto Show
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Stay Far Away From the 2003 Lincoln Aviator

Being No. 1 at anything is impressive. Being No. 1 on a list of worst vehicle models, not so much. While it may not have made Consumer Reports all-time worst models tested list, The 2003 Lincoln Aviator was named the worst model year of the vehicle by Car Complaints. When there have been so many …

2020 Lincoln Corsair

The 2020 Lincoln Corsair Shows It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Lincoln has done quite well for itself this year. This luxury car brand has particularly made a splash in 2020 with its flashy mid-size Aviator SUV as well as with old-time favorites like the Lincoln Navigator. Lincoln has also recently spiced up its luxury SUV lineup with the all-new compact Lincoln Corsair. Not only is …

incoln Nautilus, a midsize luxury SUV delivering a powerful turbocharged engine range and a suite of advanced technologies designed to give drivers greater confidence on the road.

Why the 2020 Lincoln Nautilus Probably Flew Under Your Radar

If you look at lists of the year’s best luxury SUVs, you are likely to see Lincoln’s Aviator toward the top of the list. But, Lincoln has another handsome-looking SUV in its lineup that hasn’t gotten nearly as much attention in the luxury market which is known as the Lincoln Nautilus. Here’s why you may …

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Lincoln Continental Dead: Last Sedan Ends Production

The SUV zeitgeist continues to claim sedan victims. Every indication was that Lincoln would kill its last sedan, the iconic Continental. Today it is official. There is just no way the Continental could continue on with the abysmal sales it was generating. Last year it sold only about 6,600 Continentals. That’s about 25 cars a …

The new Lincoln Aviator is shown at the auto trade show, AutoMobility LA
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Can the 2020 Lincoln Aviator Even Compare to the Audi Q7?

As the SUV craze continues and vehicles become increasingly luxurious, the luxury midsize SUV segment has become fiercely competitive. There are several fantastic choices within the class, but two are especially intriguing: The 2020 Lincoln Aviator and the 2020 Audi Q7.  In their own ways, the Aviator and the Q7 are both all-new this year. …

The new Lincoln Aviator is unveiled during the Lincoln Motors press conference on display in Los Angeles, California on November 28, 2018 at Automobility LA
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The Most Common Lincoln Aviator Problems to Deal With

After 15 long years, the Lincoln Aviator is back. The new 2020 Aviator is turning heads, even if it’s flying under the radar at the same time. Unfortunately, it’s also been the target of some pointed criticism, leading potential consumers to worry about its reliability. With three recalls already on the books, it may be …

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Only One Lincoln Car Left After July 2020

It is still a mind-bender among car enthusiasts how the European, Japanese, and South Koreans, can find a market for cars that the American manufacturers can’t? Yeah, we’re seeing the dominance of SUVs and trucks over cars. Everyone says those are the future. But so was the Toyota Prius when it came out 15 years …

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The 2020 Lincoln Aviator Needs to Be Talked About

The Lincoln Aviator is all-new and it’s part of an obvious effort to put Lincoln back on people’s radar in terms of the luxury market. It’s big sibling the Lincoln Navigator is well-known from the past and has now been redesigned as well. The Aviator borrows some style and tech features from the larger SUV …

Chevy Suburban

These 5 SUVs Offer the Most Cargo Space

Sports utility vehicles are all about sizing up. Larger SUVs are ideal for big families and of course, carrying heavy-duty items. The ones with the most space are also pretty versatile when it comes to handling bumps and different weather conditions. We are highlighting the top five 2020 SUVs that offer the most cargo space …

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Lincoln Dumps Rivian In The Grease-Cancels EV Hookup

Lincoln was well on its way in co-developing an all-electric SUV with Rivian. Now, in an about-face, it is canceling the EV program hookup. It sent a letter to its dealers informing them of the cancellation because of “the current environment.” Wait, what? The current environment in the auto world is to get as many …

A woman touches the hood of the 2020 Lincoln Navigator L on display at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show
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Owners Adore Their 2019 Lincoln Lincoln Navigator

Lincoln cars are still on top in popularity polls, perhaps helped in part by Matthew McConaughey pitching them in his TV commercials. However, Lincoln simply makes good cars and SUVs, with their Lincoln Navigator being a continual hit. Consumer Reports recently cited the 2019 version of the Navigator as having a high satisfaction score. There …

2020 Lincoln Navigator L Black Label | Ford
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The Lincoln Navigator Isn’t Incredibly Capable Or Luxurious

The Lincoln Navigator is the fancy version of the Ford Expedition, but does it incorporate luxury features? What makes it worth the extra money? When the Ford Expedition is highly popular and more than capable, why are people attracted to the Navigator?  What Makes The Lincoln Navigator Luxurious?  To get started in a Lincoln Navigator, …

2020 Lincoln Corsair side
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The Lincoln Corsair Deserves to Be on Luxury SUV Shoppers’ Lists

Lincoln is getting its groove back. Bucking the industry-wide trend, Lincoln dealers are asking the brand for more sedans. But it’s in Lincoln’s SUVs that the brand’s resurgence is perhaps best exemplified, even beyond the upcoming electric model. Although the mid-size Aviator has had some early teething issues, it successfully differentiates itself from the Ford …

2020 Lincoln Continental Reserve

Will Lincoln Listen to Dealer Demand for Sedans?

Nowadays, sedan buyers are facing a shrinking selection. Although Toyota’s and Honda’s sedans are still going strong, Ford and Chevrolet have cut their offerings significantly. Even luxury marques like Cadillac and Mercedes aren’t immune. But there may be some hope for luxury sedan buyers, especially for those buying American. That’s because Lincoln sedans are still …

2021 GMC Yukon AT4
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How Does the GMC Yukon Compare with the Lincoln Navigator?

Certain full-size premium SUV’s on the market today are two things simultaneously. They combine the four-wheel-drive utility and high-end luxury in one powerful package. Two competitors stand out in the field, the 2020 GMC Yukon and the 2020 Lincoln Navigator. How do these two luxury sport utility vehicles match up against each other? We took …

2017 Ford Explorer assembly plant | Getty-0
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Bad 2019 Ford Explorer Sales Hurt Company Profits

For being the most important SUV that Ford makes the new Explorer has been a disaster from one end to the other. Now comes news that overall 2019 Ford sales dropped 1.3% due to the Explorer’s disastrous issues. Sales in the fourth quarter were down 15% after the disastrous third quarter when sales plummeted almost …

2020 Lincoln Aviator
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Does the Lincoln Aviator Have Android Auto?

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator has gotten good reviews for luxury, technology, and safety features. While this three-row SUV is based on the Ford Explorer’s architecture, it is decidedly more high-end. The 2020 Aviator is the first year of the new second-generation Aviator, following a 15-year gap. Although it has more space for cargo than for …

2020 Lincoln Aviator | Ford
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Does the Lincoln Aviator Have Apple CarPlay?

If you’re a fan of classic cars, you’re probably familiar with Lincoln’s massive cars. The 1961 Lincoln Continental is still considered one of the most iconic cars ever made. A highly customized Mark III was even the antagonist of the 70s horror flick The Car. Today, the company still makes a few modern SUVs, like …

2020 Lincoln Aviator
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How Safe Is the Lincoln Aviator?

For some consumers, when considering a new Lincoln, performance, and comfort are primary factors in making their purchasing decisions. For others, finding the safest rides are more important. If you find yourself looking at the Lincoln Aviator, you have your eyes set on a safe and reliable vehicle. But, do you know just how safe …

2020 Lincoln Corsair
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Eight Compact 2020 SUVs Under $40,000

If you like the idea of an SUV but not its massiveness, or the thought of paying the monthly gasoline bill we might have options for you. Compact SUVs perform the same function as regular full-size versions but without the heft and large gas bill at the end of the month. And besides the size …