Lazareth is a French motorcycle company that has revolutionized motorcycles. They have created everything from a flying motorcycle to a motorcycle with four wheels. These motorcycles are very unique with many features that make it desirable. The price on these bikes, reaching over $100,000 tells buyers they are not for your everyday rider. Thee bikes are made of collectors of unique vehicles and those that have a passion for motorcycles.

The LM410 showcases the four wheels, not typical of a motorcycle experience, and a maserati-V8-engine that gives it plenty of power. The biggest reason the Lazareths are so unique is there are always so little made. The company only made 10 of the LM410s.

These bikes are very unique and desired to bike collectors who enjoy unique styling and the occasional unique ride. Each model of motorcycle has its own unique features and upgrades. For avid collectors this is a great company to keep your eye on.

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