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A red-clothed rider swaps the battery on a white electric 2018 Honda PCX bike
Hybrids & Electrics

These Bike Companies Want Standardized Swappable Batteries

Cheaper batteries benefit all EVs, including electric bikes. However, charging infrastructure remains a major hurdle, especially for those who can’t install a home charger. Plus, some companies, such as Tesla, have proprietary standards, further complicating things. However, it appears that at least a few electric bike companies are trying to resolve these issues with a …
A photo of a Harley-Davidson Sportster on the road.

All Of These Motorcycles Killed Off In 2021

Harley, Yamaha, and others are discontinuing a number of bikes in 2021. Some, we’re glad to see them go. But others are like old friends that have been around for years. Still, we know that with the old going out there is a lot of new coming in. So here are the motorcycles that will …
Best dirt bikes
Tips, Tricks & Trends

2 Races Left in 1 Weird Motocross Season

We haven’t seen a Motocross race in October since 1992. Additionally, this season will see the latest closing race since the October 13th conclusion at Unadilla in 1991. Then there was that time Tomac won a million dollars on October 13th in 2018 at the Monster Energy Cup. However, overall we rarely see a Motocross …
A black-and-orange 2020 KTM 200 Duke

Meet KTM’s Cheapest New Naked Bike: The 200 Duke

Generally speaking, it’s best for beginning riders to start with small-capacity motorcycles. Not just because they’re easier to control, but because of lower repair and replacement costs. But it’s not like getting a moped or a scooter is your only option. There are several affordable sport bikes and adventure bikes, just to name 2 categories, …
A blue-and-white 2020 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701

Husqvarna Vitpilen vs. KTM Duke: Which Bike Should You Buy?

In the US, Husqvarna is arguably best-known for its dual-sport motorcycles. But the Swedish company also has a café racer, the Husqvarna Vitpilen. However, rather like Harley-Davidson once provided engines to Buell, many of Husqvarna’s bikes are built around KTM powertrains. In the Husqvarna Vitpilen’s case, it’s based on the KTM Duke naked bikes. But …
A white-helmeted rider on a green Kuberg Ranger, standing on a boulder in a forest

The Kuberg Ranger Is an Electric Dirt Bike Shaped Like a Scooter

Typically, electric scooters are used in urban settings, rather than for off-roading. For that, you really need something like a dirt bike, electric or otherwise. But if vintage Vespas can venture off-pavement, why not more modern machines? To be fair, the upcoming Kuberg Ranger isn’t precisely a scooter. But it is an electric dirt bike …
Black-and-orange 2020 KTM 790 Adventure R power-sliding through the desert

The Best New ADV Bikes Under $15,000

It’s definitely possible to have a great off-road bike adventure without going broke. But, as with cars, paying a bit more for a motorcycle, especially an ADV, sometimes does mean getting a few extra appreciable features. That doesn’t mean that you have to go for a company’s range-topping flagship motorcycle, though. In fact, $15,000 can …
A blue-tanked 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700 adventure bike power-sliding in the desert

The Best Affordable Adventure Bikes on Sale Today

While off-roading on 2 wheels can be done on dirt bikes and dual-sport motorcycles, adventure bikes trade some suspension travel for more comfort. And usually, the added refinement and tech comes with a higher price tag. But there are ADVs that let you hit the road and the dirt without going broke. The bikes that …
KTM rider Cooper Webb rides to victory

Cooper Webb’s KTM 450SXF Dirt Racer

Cooper Webb finished 2019 strong, earning the season title for Monster Energy Supercross. He’s still on the rise in the 2020 racing season––poised as the only rider with a fighting chance against current points leader Eli Tomac. Today we see if he rides his KTM 450SXF factory race build to victory. Webb could take the …
Used 2013 BMW F 800 GS motorcycle with saddle bags

The Best Used Off-Road Motorcycles Under $10,000

There are a number of excellent affordable motorcycles that you can take off-road. However, some may be nervous about bringing a brand-new bike to get banged up off-pavement. However, as is the case for most beginner bikes, the simple solution is to get a used motorcycle. It’s likely already been beat-up a bit. Plus, buying …
2019 Yamaha YZF-R3 vs. 2019 Kawasaki Ninja 400

The Best Affordable Sport Bikes That You Shouldn’t Overlook

Although there are plenty of exciting, stylish, and fast motorcycles on the market, some are priced more like cars. And considering how affordable used cars, even sports cars, can be, it can be difficult justifying a bike purchase. Especially for something like a sport bike. The Suzuki Hayabusa may be fast, but it’s not exactly …
2020 Paris-Dakar Rally winner Ricky Brabec

For the First Time, an American Has Won the Paris-Dakar Rally

If you really want to prove how good your off-road vehicle is, you take it rallying. Porsche proved its Cayenne in the Transsyberia Rally; Ford, Honda, and SCG duked it out in Baja for similar reasons. Lancia and Audi achieved fame at the World Rally Championship. But for most of the world, the most grueling …