818 Kit from Factory Five Racing

Crazy New Car Kit From Factory Five Racing

Factory Five Racing has been around since 1995. They are a kit car manufacturer that caters to the home-built market. They have been steadily adding additional kit models to their portfolio of offerings. It seems, now, that they’ve gone and done it again. A video started to float around the internet that shows a crazy beautiful carbon fiber shell for a …

Caterham Seven 310R kit
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Stuck at Home? Build a Kit Car

Usually, wrenching on your car means changing the oil or fixing the brakes. But kit cars offer a whole new meaning to the phrase. Wrenching your own car together isn’t exactly easy. But besides really getting to know your wheels, a kit car can also offer an opportunity to own a modern vintage machine for …

Hot Rod Truck Kit

What Is A Kit Car?

Ever come across the term “kit car”? Wonder what they are? Are they toys or real, driveable vehicles? Just what is a Kit Car? Kit cars are component vehicles. Some kits contain all the components necessary to complete the car, except the fluids. Other times, the “kit” from the manufacturer will require a donor vehicle. …