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The most recent Suzuki Katana was released in 2020 and inspired by the original 1982 Katana. The new model is an excellent combination of technology, style, and power. The motorcycle’s agility and performance exceed the older model’s while still paying homage to the older model through its styling and name. A blending of modern style and performance with the older model is a great way to bring back a piece of history.

When the 1982 model was first released, it broke the mold of what Japanese motorcycles could be. It was revolutionary enough to end up in New York City’s Guggenheim Museum. While the 2020 version will not find its way into a museum anytime soon due to its revolutionary styling and power, it is a great throwback to the original. This bike is made for enthusiasts who appreciate Katana’s history and enjoy the classic nature of the 2020 version. It is a great daily driver during the riding season that many will enjoy.

About Suzuki

  • 2020 (Starting MSRP: $13,499)
  • Pro: It is a great throwback to the original with a lot of great styling and performance.
  • Con: It is not as revolutionary when it comes to power or styling as the original.
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