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A red Lambo sits on display at an electronics show

Why Are High-End Exotic Cars Ending Up in Dubai’s Salvage Yard?

Each year, millions of cars make their last trip, and it is to the salvage yard. So, salvage yards are great for finding replacement parts for those pesky little things that break. Need a replacement for a broken dash knob, torn seat, bent wheel, broken sun visor? A salvage yard will have just about everything one might need …
Cars at a Salvage Yard in Louisiana

Why Salvage Yards are Inspirational

Way back in the 1990s, I was a young driver with my first vehicle. It was a little pickup truck that was only a few years old. It had a standard (stick-shift/manual) transmission and was void of any options except for a day/night rearview mirror. I loved it! Normal Daily Driver The truck was not …