Jerry Seinfeld is best known for his role in Seinfeld, Bee Movie, and as a stand-up comedian. He is a producer, writer, actor, and much more. With his acquired wealth, he has built an extensive collection of rare cars. He showcases many of those in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. This Netflix show allows Jerry Seinfeld to pick up other celebrity comedian guests in unique and vintage cars to get coffee.

The comedian prefers Porsche and even owns a 1959 Porsche RSK race car. Even though he prefers Porsche, he is a car enthusiast on the level of Jay Leno and owns a multitude of rare and classic cars, including a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 to fulfill his dreams of being 007. He takes great pride in his collection and excellent care of his cars. It is enthusiasts like these that are keeping classic cars alive.

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