A red Allard J2X at a car show with the hood up and man observing the car in a black shirt and jeans.
Allard J2X | Getty Images

The Allard company itself began in 1999 with Roger Allard. It now creates accurate replicas made from the original designs with the latest technologies to satisfy classic car enthusiasts who desire an accurate, safe, and comfortable ride. These cars make the driver feel like they are stepping into the past, with the company focussing relentlessly on every detail.

The Allard Motor Works J2X MkIII is a replica of a famed British roadster released in the early 1950s while providing an even safer, reliable, and comfortable ride by utilizing modern technologies. This particular roadster will have limited production of 100 new cars per year, mainly for collectors who appreciate vintage cars.

It may not be a daily driver, but it is undoubtedly one that will get plenty of attention with its sleek lines and classic car look. Even though it is a modern build, the retro look and feel are unmistakable and are great for any classic car collector.


  • Allard J2X MKIII (Starting MSRP $150,000)
  • Pro: It is great for the classic car enthusiast as an accurate, but a more technologically advanced option.
  • Con: It is not meant as an everyday driver, and for the price, can put it out of reach for many buyers.

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