Infotainment systems have become a vital component of vehicles. Whether it is Hyundai’s Blue Link or Merecedes’ MBUX system. These systems can perform many tasks, such as Ford’s SYNC 4 that will help you find the cheapest gas stations. Userfriendly infotainment systems in SUVs and cars are essential when shopping for a vehicle.

There is also Android Auto and Apple Carplay that has now become standard in many cars. There are even troubleshooting for these systems, like Apple Carplay if they are not working or putting Android Auto into older vehicles to update your systems.  There are even instructions on how to connect your car’s steering wheel audio controls to those aftermarket upgrades.

Infotainment systems come in all shapes and sizes. Some are intuitive and impressive, while others are lackluster and embarrassing. As automakers begin replacing buttons with touchscreens, it is unclear what the future may hold, but technology will continue to advance and hopefully impress.

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