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Indian Motorcycle's V-Twin engine with the logo on the plate in between the engines.

Indian Motorcycle Invented the V-Twin, Not Harley

While Harley-Davidson is well-known for their V-twin engines, they were not the first American motorcycle company to produce them. That honor belongs to America's first motorcycle company, Indian. The evolution of Indian motorcycles, the longstanding heated rivalry between the motorcycle giants of Harley-Davidson and Indian, and the cool history of the V-twin engine are fascinating.
An old black Indian Motorcycle with a tan seat against a dark grey background.

The Best Way Possible to Get a New Old Indian Motorcycle

Indian Motorcycle has been supplying iconic motorcycles since 1901. If you prefer the older Indian models, like the 101 Scout, a model many consider the best Indian ever produced, you have to search online listings and scour the internet for someone willing to part with a classic, and rare, motorcycle. Enter Kiwi Indian Motorcycle Company.
A white Indian Motorcycle logo on a red background with some vague shadows behind it.

Does Indian Motorcycle’s New 2022 Chief Hold Up?

Fans of the Indian Chief are delighted to learn that its 100th anniversary is here. Very few vehicles have made it this far, and Indian is celebrating by releasing the 2022 Indian Chief. Does this latest edition hold up to the previous iterations that have helped it survive for 100 years? You better believe it.