A red 2012 Triumph Street Triple R in front of a maroon 2021 Indian Scout Bobber
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Riding Minimal: Indian Scout Bobber vs. Triumph Street Triple R

While cruisers and standard motorcycles are fairly different, they’re both commonly-chosen riding options. And they’re both available in ‘stripped-down’ forms: cruisers have bobbers, and standards have naked bikes. I own one of the latter: a 2012 Triumph Street Triple R. But after my recent time with a 2021 Indian Scout Bobber, I’ve grown to appreciate …

The front 3/4 view of a maroon 2021 Indian Scout Bobber on a shady street
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The 2021 Indian Scout Bobber Converted Me To Cruisers

Up until recently, if I had to choose between a cruiser and a standard motorcycle, I’d typically pick the latter. That’s why I bought one, a Triumph Street Triple R. However, after spending some time with a 2021 Indian Scout Bobber, I’m not so sure which kind I’d pick. Because while it isn’t perfect, it …

The side view of a maroon 2021 Indian Scout Bobber parked on the street
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The 3 Drawbacks of Riding a 2021 Indian Scout Bobber

The rise of the retro motorcycle segment doesn’t just mean more scramblers and café racers. It also touches on cruisers in the form of factory bobbers. For example, the latest version of the Indian Scout Bobber. I recently spent a few weeks with the 2021 model riding in and around Chicagoland. And during that time, …

Frankie Garcia with Roland Sands
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For Frankie Garcia, King of the Baggers Was a Dream Come True

It’s safe to say that the King of the Baggers race has gotten a lot of attention from motorcycle racing fans. Even from ones who previously wouldn’t have been interested in cruiser bikes. We recently chatted with the winner, Tyler O’Hara, who raced on an Indian Challenger prepped by S&S Cycle. But there was another …

A dark-blue 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide parked on a beach
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Is the 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide the Best Cruiser To Buy?

The Pan America adventure bike is joining the Harley-Davidson lineup soon. But for now, the vast majority of the brand’s sales come from cruiser motorcycles. And while companies like Royal Enfield are getting into the segment, Harley’s bikes are typically the standard. In fact, Popular Mechanics considers the 2020 Harley-Davidson Street Glide the best cruiser …

The Indian Challenger modified by S&S for King of the Baggers on the racetrack
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The 2020 King of the Baggers Is the Indian Challenger

After making its return to flat-track racing, Indian is expanding its motorsports participation even further. For example, it recently got back into hill climbing for the first time in 70 years. Seeing one of Indian’s cruisers and touring bikes, like the Challenger, racing is a fairly rare sight, though. However, that’s exactly what happened at …

A black 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse with optional tall handlebars in front of a train
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Does the 2021 Indian Vintage Dark Horse Gallop Past the BMW R18?

With the release of the R18 cruiser, BMW’s motorcycle division has something to take Harley-Davidson head-on. But Harley-Davidson isn’t the only bike company with cruisers; it’s not even the only American one. Indian has a long and historic rivalry with Harley, and it similarly focuses on cruiser-style bikes. And for 2021, it might have something …

A black-and-red 1929 Indian 101 Scout on its rear-wheel stand
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This Is Why the Original Indian Scout Is a Classic Motorcycle Icon

If you’re looking for an inexpensive modern cruiser, the Indian Scout and Scout Sixty are a great place to start. The latter has been bobbed and even out-fitted for jungle expeditions. But like the Triumph Bonneville, the Indian Scout has an extensive back-story. And much like the Bonneville, the original Scouts are still regarded as …

a Tata Nano press photo against a light backdrop
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Is Tata Motors a Real Auto Corporation?

If you’ve perused a few car blogs or read enough automotive news, you’ve probably come across the name ‘Tata Motors.’ But what is that, exactly? It’s in India, right? How much of the US market does Tata Motors own? Is it actually a real auto corporation? What is Tata Motors? Tata Motors previously called itself …

A black-tanked 2020 Indian Scout Sixty
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Does the Indian Scout Sixty Out-Cruise Harley-Davidson’s Iron 883?

Though Japanese brands make some of the most affordable cruiser motorcycles, both Indian and Harley-Davidson offer bikes at reasonable prices. For Indian, that’s the Scout Sixty, now available in Bobber form. And for Harley-Davidson, it’s the Iron 883, heir to the Sportster name. But which entry-level American cruiser is best? 2020 Indian Scout Sixty vs. …

A gray-purple 2020 Kawasaki Vulcan S rides down a wet city street
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The Best Cruiser Motorcycles Under $10,000 on Sale Today

While a standard motorcycle, like the Street Triple R, is a good all-around bike, it’s not the best for every situation. For relaxed, long-distance riding, a cruiser motorcycle makes a bit more sense. And, while some cruisers come with large price tags, you don’t need to break your budget to afford one. There are a …

Vance & Hines #4 racer Bryan Smith sliding a Harley-Davidson XG750
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Here’s Why Flat Tracker Motorcycles Are So Popular

Paved roads aren’t the only places motorcycles can go—or race. Events like the Mint 400 and the Paris-Dakar see competitors jumping dunes, scrambling over rocks, and flying down gravel paths. As a result, off-road bikes have jumped in popularity in recent years. And included in that are flat tracker motorcycles. What is a flat tracker …

A diagram of Indian's heated and cooled motorcycle seat
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Indian’s Giving Its Motorcycles Heated and Cooled Seats

Whether it’s on pavement or going off-road, long motorcycle trips require a certain level of comfort. That’s why many touring and adventure bikes feature heated grips, for instance. But there is such a thing as too much heat. That’s why motorcycle jackets and gloves have vents and mesh. However, that doesn’t really work if you’re …

Burgundy 1931 Henderson Four
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Remembering Henderson, Harley-Davidson’s Fallen American Rival

Even though it’s struggling now, Harley-Davidson is still the longest-lived American motorcycle company around. Indian was founded at about the same time, but it went out of business before being brought back. However, in the early days of the motorcycle, Indian and Harley were just 2 of many competing brands. And there was one in …

Bull Cycles Harley-Davidson Peashooter board track racer
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These Vintage Bull Cycles Board Track Racers Are Wild American Throwbacks

Today, there are plenty of motorcycles available that ape their classic ancestors. Janus Motorcycles even uses a frame design that originates in the 1950s. But vintage bikes are another story. The earliest motorcycles were literally bicycles with motors attached; that’s how Ducati got its start. Arguably, that makes modern e-bikes motorcycle throwbacks. However, if you’re …

2020 Indian Chief Dark Horse
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Is Indian Doing Better Than Harley-Davidson?

Just like Ford and Chevrolet compete in the car world, Indian and Harley-Davidson compete in the motorcycle world. But recently, Harley-Davidson has been going through something of an extended rough patch. Its CEO left amid what seems like boardroom drama, for one. And while Harley has some interesting bikes in development, its high-performance electric LiveWire …

2021 BMW R18
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BMW’s Taking on Harley-Davidson With the R18 Cruiser

BMW doesn’t just make fast cars and luxurious SUVs: the German company is also an established motorcycle maker. Its famed boxer engine has even been used by other motorcycle companies. Today, BMW’s motorcycle division is perhaps best known for its touring and adventure bikes. However, as the retro motorcycle wave has grown, it’s also begun …

Modified Indian Scout Sixty
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An Indian Scout Sixty Can Tackle Jungles and Mountains

Cruisers aren’t generally built for off-roading. For that, riders usually turn to dual sports or adventure-touring bikes, which have skid plates, chunky tires, and more suspension travel. But, just because the Porsche 911, Mazda Miata, and Vespa scooter weren’t designed for off-roading, doesn’t mean people haven’t modified them for it. The same thing goes for …

2020 Indian Scout Sixty Bobber
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The Indian Scout Sixty Bobber Is the Latest in a Rising Trend

Since its 2011 rebirth, Indian has consistently released excellent—and powerful—touring bikes and cruisers. But the company isn’t all about the high-end of the market. It also makes some entry-level bikes, in the form of the Scout lineup. And, adding to Harley-Davidson’s woes, Indian has now released an even more affordable version. It’s the Indian Scout …