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Indian Motorcycle began in 1901 as the first American motorcycle company. The brand is known for its classic, unique look and being a vicious powerhouse. The brand has grown in popularity over the years after Polaris took over in 2011.

The company began as Hendee Manufacturing Company in Springfield, Illinois, with Oscar Herdstrom and George M. Hendee. In 1923 the company changed its name to what it is today, but instead leaving out the “r” in motorcycle to make “Motocycle.” It survived through the great depression and two world wars, even helping with the war efforts during WWI and WWII by supplying motorcycles to French and U.S. troops.

Despite advancements, including being the first to manufacture a V-twin in 1906, the company struggled. In1953 the brand halted production. This lasted for five years. The company switched hands multiple times to revive the brand, but one after the other, it could not find the success it was met with when it first started. Now with Polaris at the helm, the company looks hopeful as it is gaining traction once more.

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Sport Bike:

FTR: Street-tuned performance with sporty agile handling. 


Scout: Agile handling due to the low seat and low center of gravity.

Chief: A smooth and powerful ride with many standard high-tech features.

Vintage: A powerful ride without sacrificing handling capabilities or style. 


Challenger: Confident handling with room to put your things for longer trips.

Chieftain: Advanced technological options and the ability to store more.

Springfield: Powerful power options to conquer the road and plenty of storage.


Roadmaster: Extremely comfortable for those long trips with plenty of premium amenities.

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