ICON is a company run out of LA in California. As an American company, they began their first company by providing services to Land Cruisers. After building their global reputation, Toyota approached them to outfit vehicles for special events. The bulk of the builds done is 2-wheel drives. However, the company can also make ICON 4×4 vehicles.

The company works with more than just Toyota. There are also Chevy trucks, Ford Rangers, and more that have been redesigned and restored by ICON. These vehicles are commonly used as everyday drivers or as a specially designed tool to accomplish a goal. All the parts are built to last with quality materials.

While the models created by ICON are not cheap, they are worth the money to get a great-built vehicle that will last, look and feel as luxurious as you want it to, and be everything you need a vehicle to be. This company, with humble beginnings, has become a global force to be reconned with.

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