A 2021 Toyota Mirai Limited in Oxygen White traveling on asphalt with a mountain backdrop
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Can You Drink a 2021 Toyota Mirai’s Expelled Water?

When most people hear the words “car accident,” they visualize crumpled metal, broken glass, and tow trucks. No sane person would think of a car wetting itself. At least, not until recently.  The Toyota Mirai runs on hydrogen, a newer innovation in eco-friendly vehicles. Their only byproduct is water. The technology and design are undoubtedly …

2021 Toyota Mirai driving during a sunset
Hybrids & Electrics

The 2021 Toyota Mirai Just Got a Cheaper Price Tag

The Toyota Mirai first appeared in 2015 and was the first hydrogen-powered vehicle to appear on the market in North America. For 2021, Toyota has redesigned the Toyota Mirai as a premium rear-wheel drive sports-luxury FCEV. But how much will the 2021 Toyota Mirai cost you? As it turns out, it might not be that …

Nikola Electric Badger pickup truck on display
Hybrids & Electrics

GM’s and Nikola’s New Agreement Kills the Badger

‘Ambitious’ is perhaps the best way to describe Nikola’s initial plans. Yet up until recently, the EV startup seemed ready to take them on. It had already delivered several hydrogen-powered electric semi-trucks for deliveries. It was also gearing up to release the Nikola Badger, a pickup truck that offered both hydrogen fuel cells and conventional …

Nikola Electric Badger pickup truck on display
Hybrids & Electrics

Nikola Badger Is a Hydrogen Truck With Range for Days

Another competitor has just jumped into the already-crowded electric pickup truck pool. But at least Nikola Motors is bringing something new to fight against GMC, Tesla, Rivian, and Bollinger. That ‘something new’ is a different approach to extended EV range. Simply building larger batteries won’t cut it. But fast-charging infrastructure isn’t quite extensive enough, and …

Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 concept
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How Hydrogen Could Help the Electric Truck

As we’ve recently covered, electric pickup trucks still have to address several issues challenging their widespread use. And to be fair, these are similar to ones facing diesel and gasoline trucks: towing, torque, and most importantly, range. But while trucks like the Tesla Cybertruck and Rivian R1T have the torque and have the towing capability, …