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Husqvarna is known for a variety of products. Most are familiar with their line of lawnmowers, weedeaters, and other various lawn equipment. However, the company has been making motorcycles since early 1903 and has now become a popular European motorcycle. The motorcycles are known to draw influence from the golden age of motorcycles and culture while tackling supercross, enduro, tally, motocross, and supermoto series.

The company has a variety of bikes for every rider. These bikes mainly focus on off-road capabilities, but still include some for urban riders as well to ensure versatility. These bikes are great for beginners with bikes available for advanced riders as well. It is a great option for those that enjoy adventure and off-road journeys. There are many options to choose from and most have various sizes as well. With their power options and agile ability you can’t go wrong with one of these great motorcycles.

All Husqvarna Vehicles:

EE 5: Is redefining motocross with this efficient electric option.

TC: This model comes in many different options including a 50, 65, 85, 125, and 250 with a variety of options.

FC: It comes in a variety of options as well, including a 259, 350, 450, and 250.

TE: A lightweight bike that comes as a 250i, 150i, and a 300i.

FE: This model is a capable dual sport that comes as a 350, 350s, 501, and 501s.

TX: The model comes as a 300i and focuses on agility.

FX: It is a great balanced performance bike that comes as a 350, and 450

Norden 901: This model is built for travel to guarantee an entertaining journey.

701 Enduro: This bike is great for any adventure, but is best suited on the trails.

Svartpilen: It is a great model for urban exploration.

Vitpilen: this model is known as a great lightweight urban explorer.

FS 450: Is a great option for performance and handling.

701 Supermoto: A powerful ride with agile handling.

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