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A sharp, gray 2020 Honda CR-V Touring model parked in the city.
Trucks & SUVs

The Most Fuel-Efficient Honda SUVs

Finding the right SUV can be tricky as there are so many factors to consider. How many seats does it have? What kind of towing power does it have? Is it off-road capable? However, one other important factor is fuel economy. Sure, it could be the last factor that any SUV shopper might think about, …
Tips, Tricks & Trends

5 Reasons the Kia Seltos Is Better than the Honda HR-V

You might be wondering why we keep comparing Kias and other random brands to Hondas. If so, the answer is simple: It’s fun! That, and we know that Hondas are amazing cars that sell themselves, so truthfully, you probably know what you’re getting into if you buy one of those. We’re here to show you …
Electric green Hyundai Kona

5 Reasons Why the Hyundai Kona Is Better Than the Honda HR-V

It’s no secret that Americans love SUVs. A commanding view of the road and off-road capability are just a couple of reasons why. But for those that need something smaller, the compact SUV segment has a strong roster of competitors ready to suit anyone’s needs. The segment is filled with rivals like the Nissan Kicks, …