Hertz is a well-known car rental company. The company was previously known as Rent-a-Car Inc. and began in 1918 with founder Walter Jacobs. It started with Model T Ford cars as rentals. Over the years, the fleet expanded and got the attention of John Hertz, who bought the company in 1923. It was sold to General Motors three years later, and then Hertz repurchased it from GM in 1953.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), Hertz is in the midst of bankruptcy as they attempt to recover from the pandemic. You can also purchase vehicles from the company as well. This comes with some questions on its own, including is it a good decision to buy a used rental car or where rentals go after they are retired.

Hertz is definitely not your average rental agency either. It has a wide variety of cars available for rent, such as a special-edition Shelby Mustang. The company is great for those who need rentals or want a luxurious car for a day.

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