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A close-up of a white 2015 Audi A5 Cabriolet's LED headlight

Can HID and LED Headlights Damage Your Eyes?

Car headlights shine so brightly today in part because, as with many automotive accessories, new technologies are available. Instead of halogen bulbs, headlights now often feature HID bulbs or LEDs. However, while dim lights can be a safety hazard, so can blindingly-bright ones. But more than simply dazzling drivers, can HID and LED headlights cause …
The grille of a modified violet 2017 Dodge Challenger with blue LED headlights

Why Do the Brightest Car Headlights Seem To Be the Bluest?

Although bright car headlights can be annoyingly dazzling, your lights are key safety accessories. Poor headlight performance is what led the IIHS to rank the Subaru Outback lower than the Legacy, for example. Still, as anyone who’s been blinded by an oncoming car with aftermarket LED or HID headlights can attest to, it’s possible to …
Various cars with their headlights on driving down a city road at dusk

LED or Halogen, Color Temperature Matters for Headlights

Even if you’re not planning on installing some LEDs, headlights are a common car maintenance item. And even if you’re sticking to halogen ones, making sure your headlights are clean and clear is an important safety concern. But how bright the lights are isn’t the only thing to pay attention to when picking out bulbs. …
Gray Mercedes-Benz with foggy and clouded-over headlight lenses in a shop

How to Clean and Restore Foggy Headlights

When brand new, modern headlights can seem almost too bright. But, like almost everything in and on a car, they’re still maintenance items. And not just the bulbs. Over time, headlights can become foggy or cloudy. In some cases, they may start to yellow. However, unlike a burned-out or broken bulb, foggy headlights don’t always …
Audi LED headlights

Why Are Headlights so Bright These Days?

Car headlights in the US can be a major headache, even if you know not to be fooled by blinker fluid. Headlights were arguably the first major automotive safety feature, but today they’re often side-lined compared to advanced driver-assistance systems. The result is that many modern headlights simply don’t do an adequate job of illuminating …