2008 Hummer H2 off-roading on rocks
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The GM Hummer Landed on This Embarrassing List Twice

Sorry GM Hummer fans, the Hummer has officially landed on one embarrassing list two times. The H2 and H3 Hummer both ranked as one of the most useless off-roading SUVs you can buy. So, let’s see why.  The Hummer ranked twice as the worst off-roading SUV  MotorJunkie compiled a list of 30 SUVs that need …

A Hummer H3T truck is displayed prior to the start of the 2004 Greater LA Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center
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Why Did Hummer’s H3T Fail so Quickly?

Many people are familiar with the Hummer H3. It was the last iteration of General Motors’ attempt to popularize a civilian version of the M998 Humvee. GM stopped production on the H3 when it discontinued the brand in May 2010. But not many may have known about the H3T, the pickup truck variant of the …

Hummer goes off-roading
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Why Hummers Aren’t Necessarily Good For Off-Roading

Sure, the H1 is a successful military-like vehicle used for traversing dunes and Humvees keeps our troops safe in battle, but the H2 isn’t so great. While the Humvee has a massive amount of respect for off-roading, civilian Hummers do not, and here’s why. Why Hummers Aren’t Good For Off-Roading  To be clear, we’re discussing …