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The Hummer H2 was a full-size off-road SUV or truck model produced by the heavy vehicle and military contract automotive manufacturer AM General. The Hummer H2 was a part of the Hummer lineup of truck and SUV models marketed by General Motors (GM), including the H1 and H3.

With a platform based on the Chevy Silverado truck lineup, the Hummer H2 was slightly more compact and stylized for a modern audience compared to the military-centric appearance of the Hummer H1. However, the Hummer H2 was not small by any means, as its size was a defining feature and selling point of the model. During its run, the large SUV competition of the Hummer H2 included the Cadillac Escalade, the Jeep Commander, the Lincoln Navigator, and the Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

The Hummer H2 was discontinued after its 2009 model year due to rising gas prices and a struggling economy that favored more fuel-efficient and compact models. However, the Hummer nameplate will be returning under the GMC marquee of GM as the GMC Hummer EV lineup of electric trucks and SUVs.

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  • 2009 Hummer H2 (Starting MSRP $63,090)
  • Pros: The Hummer H2 full-size off-road SUV provides very distinctive styling, incredible off-road capability, and plenty of power under its hood.
  • Cons: While more compact and affordable than the H1, the Hummer H2 is also difficult to handle on city roads. Additionally, it has poor driver visibility, cargo capacity, and fuel economy ratings.
  • See Also: H1 and H3

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