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The Terradyne Gurkha is an armored car built by Terradye Armored Vehicles Inc.. It is available as different variants built on Ford 550 chassis. The models are the LAPV, MPV, RPV, and CIV. Models are available to discerning civilian buyers that want the thrill of owning an armored car.

LAPV stands for Light Armored Patrol Vehicle capable of 81 mph. MPV stands for Multi-Purpose Vehicle with a 6-speed automatic transmission. An RPV is a Rapid Patrol Vehicle. The civilian car is a CIV or Civilian Limited Edition Vehicle with optional armoring.

These vehicles are used in various forms, such as border patrol, government use, law enforcement, military use, etc. The civilian version is a great addition to any collection as a display piece or something to have fun in on rugged terrain. The vehicles have similar specifications with all of them great for off-roading. These have been produced since 2011 originating in Canada and can hold up to 12 passengers. For those that enjoy military vehicles, this is perfect.

About Terradyne

  • Pro: It is a great option for collectors and military enthusiasts.
  • Con: It is not a practical car as an everyday driver.

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