Gunther Werks was inspired by Gunter F. Wendt. He is known for his work in the United States spaceflight program. He worked on many space shuttle missions until his retirement in 1989. Wendt was a perfectionist and did not overlook fine details, which is why he was the perfect inspiration for the company.

The company is known for its international experience with modifications and customized builds within the car industry. The most important component of the company is its passion for Porsche. The companies main focus is reimagining what Porsche could have been if the company continued with air-cooled.

The desired to build the best air-cooled Porsche 911. The GW 993 was born. The team began by taking the most essential aspects of the 911 and building upon that to make a sports car like none other that focused on what was important to Porsche. This is a great car for collectors that enjoy Porsche and getting a piece of what history could have been.

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