On vehicles like the Volkswagen Golf GTE and the Drako GTE that Jay Leno fails to hide his disappointment with, GTE stands for Grand Tarismo Electric or Grand Touring Electric. With EVs coming up, more lines are going toward these options as an environmentally friendly option to transportation.

A Grand Turismo or GT in general means that the vehicle has a sporty feel, but it still has all the comforts of a luxury car. A GTE is a sporty car with luxurious features that is an EV. This is an excellent option for families that travel often or long distances due to the luxury aspect of the vehicle. It is also great for those that are thrill-seekers and enjoy the speed of a sports car but appreciate the comforts of a luxury car. It is a great option for all walks of life, and due to it being an EV, it is environmentally friendly at the same time. The model is luxurious and a head-turner.

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