A wide view of a 2021 Ford GT in white taking a straightaway at a racetrack
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Ford Reveals New Ford GT Heritage Edition

The Ford GT is a performance car that comes with exclusivity. A finite number for them will become available, but only to people who go through an application process and get accepted. So, what is Ford to do with the GT to take the excitement level of the car up another notch? How about introducing …

A blue Lexus SC300 coupe at the waterfront
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The Lexus SC300 Was a More Luxurious Mk4 Toyota Supra

Although its vehicles, even the off-road-capable LX SUV, are best-known for luxury, Lexus does have a performance side. And it’s been on display even before the LFA supercar. The early Lexus IS300 sedan combined better-than-BMW reliability with the 2JZ engine from the Mk4 Toyota Supra. But it wasn’t the only contemporary Lexus with that engine. …

A view overlooking the front driver side of the 2018 Ford GT at auction
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Rare Ford GT Heading to Online Only Auction

The application to acquire a Ford GT new from the manufacturer requires the prospective buyer to submit a profile to the company. That profile is reviewed to see if the buyer qualifies to be a good influencer for the Ford brand. Additionally, should the purchaser be accepted into the GT family, there was also a …

The profile of a yellow Ford GT70.

Throwback Thursday: The Ford GT70

The success of the Ford GT40 at LeMans in the 1960s, and the resultant movies, documentaries, and literature that have come out related to the model, have helped cement the car’s place in automotive history. That endurance racecar is a Ford legend. However, what is unknown is that Ford also created a GT70 model with …

Red 1968 Opel GT, driving down the road, side view
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The Opel GT Is an Affordable Classic Baby Corvette

Even before its move to mid-engine, the Chevrolet Corvette was a desirable sports car. Although the new C8 is definitely the fastest, the other gens still have something to offer. The C5, for example, makes a great budget track car. And the C2 ‘Stingray’ and later C3 models still inspire the Corvette’s design. With the …

2020 Subaru Outback

Best Wagons of 2020

The American Wagon is a classic and it’s still going strong. There will always be a die-hard wagon fans loading up their family and tossing gear into the hatchback rear cargo. But not all wagons are created equal. According to Consumer Reports, wagons continue to be a raring segment. There are offerings from Honda to …

2019 Ford GT Carbon Series

Thought a New Ford GT Was Expensive? Just Wait Until You See Used Prices

The Ford GT is a vehicle that many have seen in magazines and on the internet, but few have actually seen in person. There are only a few of them produced, and because of several factors, their resale values have gone through the roof. A quick backstory is needed to understand why those resale values for the GT are high. …