Honda Grom began in 2014 and has been a part of Honda’s miniMOTO lineup of smaller motorcycles. The motorcycle has a 125cc fuel-injected engine and can be a lot of fun with a small price tag. This small pocket bike has a new engine for the 2022 line that increases power and makes it more nimble. With an extra gear in the transmission, making it a five-speed, it is a great bike to have lots of fun. The newer model also has updated digital instruments, a thicker and more flattened-out seat, and new body panels.

The flatter and thicker seat allows ample room for taller riders. It’s also easy to customize your ride as the body panels are removable. These bikes are great for beginners or as bikes to play on. Due to the smaller engine is great for cities and short rides, but not great for rides that would be at a higher RPM. It is also great as a first bike as well to learn on.

About Honda

  • 2022 (Starting MSRP: $3,390)
  • Pro: It is a fun bike with a smaller engine, low price, and a great starter bike.
  • Con: The small engine makes it hard to use as an everyday driver at high RPMs.
  • See Also: Kawasaki Z125 and Honda Monkey

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