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China's ORA Beetle knockoff rendering

Great Wall Is Making A VW Beetle Sedan Knockoff

Not all things that were once popular remain that way. Disco comes to mind as something once popular that no longer has any legs. But the iconic VW Beetle has remained popular. Between a healthy enthusiast group restoring and modifying the German sedans and the new iterations from Volkswagen over the last couple of decades, …

Watch: Chinese Pickup “Steed 5” Fold Up Like A Paper Doll

You definitely don’t want to be in an accident in the Chinese-made Steed 5 pickup. You’ll know why once you watch the crash test. You can see the Steed 5 fold up like a paper doll in this Global New Car Assessment Programme crash test. Global NCAP gave the Steed 5 pickup a “0 Stars” …
2020 Great Wall P-Series Pickup | Great Wall-00

Could This Chinese Pickup Beat Ford Ranger?

Great Wall Motor Company wants to pick off the American pickup. It is the largest SUV and pickup manufacturer in China. With the intro of its three new pickup trucks, it has made no attempt to hide what it’s aiming for. It wants to beat the Ford Ranger in sales. At the new P-Series truck’s …