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Avoid These Honda Gold Wing Model Years

Though most will say that the Honda Gold Wing is a bulletproof bike, there were some years that weren’t so good. Honda Gold Wing owners weigh in on their experiences with the Honda touring motorcycle. The vast majority of the Honda Gold Wing experience is overwhelmingly positive. However, if you’re looking into buying one, it …

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Honda Gold Wing: Best Years for a Used Bike

The Gold Wing is a Honda motorcycle that has completely dominated the touring bike world for decades. It’s a fantastic bike for tours of historic American highways or cruising out to the lake house. You can ride it out to dinner with your date comfortably sitting behind you in the conscientious and well-fashioned seat. Or, …

A man riding a Honda Gold Wing touring motorcycle
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Honda Gold Wing: New vs Used

When these Honda motorcycles first came out, it sent a ripple through the industry. This long distance freedom fighter is Japanese engineered, but it’s an American hero. As far as a true touring bike goes, it’s hard to find a better one. In fact, you probably won’t. This bike has won Cycle World’s top 10 …