2018 LGE-CTS Motorsports SEMA Ford Expedition front
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Is the Ford Expedition FX4 Good for Off-Roading?

It’s easy to pass up the Ford Expedition as an off-roader. If you want to take your entire family off-roading, there’s the Toyota Sequoia or Chevy Tahoe. However, the Ford Expedition FX4 may be the perfect three-row SUV to go adventuring in. Let’s see if it can keep up with the competition. Is the Ford …

2020 Ford Ranger RTR parked in desert
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The Ford Ranger FX4 Is An Off-Roading Bargain

There isn’t a Ranger Raptor, but instead, there is the Ford Ranger FX4. Can the FX4 off-roading package keep up with the full-size Ford Raptor? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out. Let’s see if the Ford Ranger F4X can keep up with other trucks while off-roading or if it needs to be avoided. …