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Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell Semi Truck
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The Hyundai Xcient Fuel Cell Semi Truck Finally Arrived

The Hyundai Xcient fuel cell semi truck is starting to be delivered worldwide to offer a more efficient way to haul freight. The hydrogen-powered trucks will make their way to North America soon as Hyundai expands its Xcient program.  What is the Hyundai Xcient semi truck?  In July, Hyundai shipped the first Xcient Fuel Cell …
2022 Nikola Badger parked in field
Trucks & SUVs

General Motors Backs Nikola Electric Trucks With $2 Billon

General Motors feels confident about partnering with Nikola because they spent $2 billion to build a strategic partnership. With this deal, GM gets 11% of the ownership of this electric truck start-up business.  General Motors partners with Nikola  Nikola electric trucks just got pretty serious by merging with General Motors to secure lower battery and …