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Freightliner was founded in 1930 to provide workers with what they needed to get the job done. It has become the leader in on-highway, medium-duty, and sever-duty trucks by delivering quality and innovative products to workers who need their own trucks. Since 1981 the company has been a part of Daimler AG and produces quality trucks for working individuals.

The company has grown substantially since its beginnings and has even branched out to provide electric trucks, which help cut the cost of ownership due to not having to pay the high price of diesel. These electric options allow drivers to still travel long distances with short wait times to charge their trucks to continue on the road. However, the company still offers various options to drivers to reach a wide variety of needs and customers. These trucks are an excellent option for those that require a reliable form of transportation to haul loads across the country.

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All Freightliner Trucks:


eCascadia: This model is an on-highway electric model with a range of around 250 miles with a 90-minute recharge to reach 80%.

eM2: It is a medium-duty truck with a 230-mile range and a 60-minutes charge to reach 80%.

Medium Duty:

M2 106: This model can haul 66,000 pounds GVWR with up to 1150 lb-ft torque.

Natural Gas:

M2 112 Natural Gas: It is an on-highway model that hauls 80,000 lbs. GVW with up to 1000 lb-ft torque.

114 SD Natural Gas: It is a severe duty capable of 62,000 lbs GVW hauling with 1000 lb-ft torque.

Cascadia Natural Gas: This model is an on-highway truck capable of a towing capacity of 80,000lbs GCW with 1450 lb-ft torque.


Cascadia: It has 350 to 605 hp with up to 2050 lb-ft torque.

M2 112: This model does 260 to 505 hp with up to 1850 lb-ft torque.

122SD: This truck is an on-highway and severe duty with 350 to 600 hp and 2050 ft-lb torque.

Severe Duty:

108SD: It is a severe duty truck capable of towing 69,000 lbs. GVWR with 1250 lb-ft torque.

114 SD: This model is capable of 92,000 lbs. GVWR with 1850 lb-ft torque.

EconicSD: It is capable of 66,000 lbs. GVWR with 1050 lb-ft torque.

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