Ford Performance is the high-performance side of Ford Motor Company, and the name used when discussing their motorsport and racing activity. Some vehicles included in this category are the Ford F-150 Raptor, Mustang GT, Explorer ST, Edge ST, and more. These vehicles are dedicated to their power, performance, agility, and great driving dynamics.

Under the same tag is stock car racing, drag racing, rally racing, off-road racing, Ford GT racing, road racing, and drifting. These are all races that Ford participates in under the Ford Performance tag with their high-performance vehicles that may only have slight modifications for the track.

The vehicles you can purchase under the company’s tag focus mainly on performance and the car’s ability. These vehicles are made for avid car enthusiasts that appreciate excellent power and driving dynamics. Each vehicle offers a different experience to drivers and passengers so each person can focus on what matters most to them. These vehicles are sure to impress.

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