A blue, orange and white 1996 Honda 900 CBR Fireblade sitting outdoors.
1996 Honda 900 CBR Fireblade | Getty Images

The Honda Fireblade is a series of sports bikes that have been in production since 1992, with the most recent CBR 1000RR-R produced in celebration of their 30th anniversary. It all began with the CBR900RR produced from 1992 to 1995. The longest-running model in the series was the CBR1000RR produced from 2004 to 2019. The newest model is a limited edition motorcycle that is street legal but ready to conquer the track with excellent rideability, speed, and quality.

The newest option comes in a tri-color option of black, white, and red to keep it simple and traditional with honda colors. The model has an all-new bore and stroke that mirrors Honda’s MotoGP Champion RC213V racebike to keep riders on their toes. These bikes are a powerful option as an everyday driver for those that enjoy speed and a comfortable ride. It can also give riders an exhilarating drive around the track that would be unforgettable and leave them wanting more.

About Honda

  • 2021 Honda Fireblade (Starting MSRP: $28,500)
  • Pro: It is a powerful option that gives a track feel but is still friendly as an everyday driver.
  • Con: The options are limited for customization, with only one color option and trim level.
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