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A boat on the water during sunset

Why You Should Never Buy a Boat for Your Retirement

You’ve spent decades hard at work. Stocking piling those paychecks and pinching your pennies, so that come retirement, you have the funds needed to treat yourself. And maybe, just maybe, the treat that’s been on your mind is a boat. And why not? Buying a boat for your retirement probably sounds like a dream come …
The Audi TT coupe is known for its clean interior design.
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Automakers Want to Charge You Monthly for Your Car’s Best Features

Cars as we know them have always come equipped with a set of pre-determined features. Depending on the trim level, you get exactly what you pay for upfront. However, automakers are now planning to implement car subscription plans, charging a monthly or yearly fee to activate some of your car’s best features. Like a music …
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Is Leasing a New Car Always Better Than Financing?

When it comes to buying a new car, there is always going to be a toss-up as to whether or not you should lease or finance. No matter how you look at them, cars are depreciating assets, and leasing a car means that you’ll be spending less during the time that you have it whereas …
Elon Musk on stage
Hybrids & Electrics

What’s the Big Deal About the Tesla Battery Day Event?

Tomorrow, September 22, 2020, is Tesla’s Annual Meeting of Stockholders. It will stream live on the Tesla website. Immediately following this awaited meeting, the Tesla Battery Day event streams live as well. The stockholders’ meeting will commence at 1:30 PM Pacific Time. The following Battery Day event is getting a lot of hype, but what …
a bright orange Kia Stinger GTS parked outdoors on the road with a dreamy sky in the background
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Does Hyundai Own Kia Motors of America?

Kia and Hyundai are both carmakers with models all over American roads. Each of these auto companies has roots in South Korea. Both brands have grown up over the years and today they are recognized globally. In fact, Kia won the World Car of the Year award this year, and its models top several best …
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Is Making a ‘Principal Only’ Payment on a Car Loan a Good Idea?

There’s an old joke that says, “Why do banks have drive-thru windows? So that cars can visit their real owners!” That’s right when you take out an auto loan for that fancy new car – or fancy old one – the lender that you get the loan from holds the title until the loan is …
Used Trucks for Sale
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People Are Owning Their Vehicles Longer, Study Says

Prices of new vehicles have been going up. At the same time, financing terms have been getting longer. So, it is not a surprise that people have been hanging on to their vehicles even longer. According to IHS Market, their research shows that the average age of light vehicles in operation is at 11.9 years in the …