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2020 Ford Transit Cargo Van

Ford Transit vs. Ram ProMaster: Which Is More Truck and Less Van?

Both Ford and Ram Trucks are known for their capable trucks. Ford has been the truck leader for decades. Dodge Ram trucks have been so successful that they became their own Ram entity beginning with the 2010 model year. It’s known that the Ford Transit and the Ram ProMaster share some traits with their truck …
Ford F-150 trucks go through the customer acceptance line at the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant

You Won’t Be Able to Buy a New Ford F-150

We’ve already seen empty shelves at the supermarket. But what about empty Ford lots? Parts shortage is here and we are about to see the effects. If things keep going as they are, you won’t be able to buy that new F-150 you wanted. Or any F-Series Ford truck, for that matter. The 2021 Ford …
2019 Ford F-150 Raptor
Tips, Tricks & Trends

5 Reasons the Ford Pickup Is Still the Most Sold Truck on Earth

Ford trucks are undeniable in their popularity. They are like the swiss army knife of the auto world. Want luxury and modern tech? Check. Are you after off-roading capability? Handled. Is the versatility of massive cargo something you need? The pickup truck has it covered. All that plus epic towing capacity and a range of …
Dark green vintage 1946 Mercury M68 pickup truck

Mercury Offered More Than Luxury: It Had Pickup Trucks

Although they’ve added luxury and performance, pickup trucks are mostly designed around utility. That hasn’t stopped luxury and style-focused carmakers from building them, even if only as concepts. The Lamborghini LM002, for instance, was a pickup with a V12. Mercedes offered E-Class utes, as has Mini. BMW’s built several one-off pickups using the X7 and …
2020 Ram 1500 Built to Serve Special Editions | FCA-00 -Excellent used truck option
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Will Ford Truck Sales Continue to Dominate RAM?

Ford has long been the industry leader in truck sales. The F-Series trucks are still the most sold trucks of all time. But, in 2019, the competition starting heating up big time. It was huge when RAM sales overtook Chevrolet, hot on Ford’s heels. Truck sales were already set to be exciting for 2020. Now, …
The 2020 Ford F-150 races down a sandy road

2021 Ford F-150 Production Date Delayed

The Ford F-150, though it has its good and bad reviews across the board, is a trusted vehicle. It’s America’s favorite truck for decades and it is a favorite across the globe as well. It’s a fantastic family car and a workhorse towing machine. Will we see a 2021 Ford F-150? As of today, it …
2020 Silverado Jackal | PaxPower-0

2020 Pickup Trucks: These are the Worst of the Year

Pickup trucks are without a doubt one of the most popular vehicles in America. They come fully equipped to haul and work around the ranch or sleek and shiny for the slicked out city slicker. There are a lot of great trucks out there, but not everyone comes out on top. According to Consumer Reports, …
Ford F-150 Raptor climbing over rocks

Popular 2020 Ford F-150 Complaints That Drivers Hate

The Ford F-150 is the most popular truck in America, but that doesn’t mean everyone likes it, especially when it comes to Chevy fans. The Ford F-150 has a few complaints that drivers hate.  Popular Ford F-150 Complaints  Constant Recalls  When you buy a new vehicle, you want to be able to enjoy it in …
A Ford Super Duty F-350 at the North American International Auto Show

This Special Package Will Make Your Ford Super Duty Off-Road Ready

Truck enthusiasts have loved the Ford Super Duty trucks for their exceptional hauling and towing capacities. Families even find that the Ford F-Series makes for the perfect family truck, and hitching up a camper trailer makes for an instant recreational vehicle. But, one area where Ford’s line of F-Series Super Duty trucks has not excelled in …